Introducing a new device for Chronic Wound Treatment

What is SoeWound?

SoeWound produces Activated Oxygen and works with 2 molecules from the oxygen family, Singlet Oxygen, and Nitric Oxide. These molecules work together in the body and have anti-bacterial properties – ideal for breaking down the bacterial biofilm on the surface of a chronic wound. They also assist with the delivery of oxygen around the body, by aiding angio-genesis, and vaso-dilation, which leads to an increase in the tissue oxygenation.

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About SoeWound

Used three hours at a time, with the canula secured next to the Wound, gently blowing the Activated Oxygen across the wound surface, and beneath the bandage or dressing. The bacterial infection of the wound should start to improve after 3 days usage, and after 10 days, we would expect it to be predominantly resolved...