About SoeWound

What is SoeWound?

SoeWound produces Singlet Oxygen and works with 2 naturally occurring molecules from the oxygen family, Singlet Oxygen, and Nitric Oxide. 

These molecules work together and have anti-bacterial properties – ideal for breaking down the bacterial biofilm on the surface of a chronic wound. They also assist with the delivery of oxygen around the body, by aiding angio-genesis, and vaso-dilation, which leads to an increase in the tissue oxygenation.



How it works and how to use SoeWound

Suggested usage is three hours at a time, with the canula secured next to the Wound, gently blowing the Air across the wound surface, and beneath the bandage or dressing. After three hours, the SoeWound is switched off and allowed to cool down as it will become gently warm during usage. After 3 hours off, it can be turned on again, and the process repeated. The SoeWound should be added to the treatment protocol as soon as possible. All other treatments should be continued. There is no time to lose.


SoeWound how it works on flesh wounds diagram


The bacterial infection of the wound should start to improve after 3 days usage, and after 10 days, we would expect it to be predominantly resolved. It can be assessed using a swab, and simple lab analysis, or by using a Bacterial Sensor such as that made by the company Ohmedics, or by visual inspection.

The tissue oxygenation of the wound should start to improve immediately, and again can be assessed by the expert eye as you will see the granulation tissues forming, after 7-14 days. The tissue oxygenation can be measured using a Probe, such as the Tissue Oximetry System made by the company Edwards.

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